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GWO Standard Training

Basic Safety Training (BST)


In a wind turbine industry/WTG environment, the First Aid BST Module teaches participants how to recognize signs and symptoms of life-threatening situations and administer safe and effective first aid. This enables participants to save lives and prevent further injury until they can be transferred to the next level of care. We offer engaging scenarios that place technicians in realistic situations that promote positive thinking and confidence

Manual Handling

During this module, technicians will learn how to perform their duties and activities safely in a wind turbine environment in order to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by going through our “training maze”. It was designed to activate the technicians sympathetic and parasympathetic system to mimic an actual wind turbine emergency and working situation.

Fire Awareness

This module is designed to help technicians prevent fires, evaluate fires appropriately, manage evacuations of personnel, and ensure all are safely accounted for in the event of an unmanageable fire. If the incident is judged to be safe, the participants should be able to efficiently extinguish an initial fire by using basic handheld firefighting equipment.

Working at Heights

In this module, technicians will learn how to use basic personal protective equipment in a remote wind turbine environment, work safely at height, and perform comprehensive basic rescue from height. Combining fire awareness, first aid, and manual handling allows the technician to draw on all aspects of training.

Basic TECHNICAL Training (BTT)


During this BTT Mechanical Module, participants will have the opportunity to perform basic mechanical tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician. How a wind turbine is built, systems within a wind turbine and its use. Bolt torque and tensioning techniques.


Technicians will learn safe working procedures and the correct personal protective equipment to complete basic electrical tasks (supervised by an experienced technician). Comprehension of electrical components and the proper use of along with schematic interpretation


During this phase of training technicians will learn about fluid power. Why we use it and the safety that encompasses it along with use of fluid power component and schematic interpretation.

Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

Nacelle, Tower, and Basement Rescue

This module’s goal is to give participants the skills they need to undertake wounded person rescue operations in a WTG nacelle, tower, and basement while employing rescue procedures, tools, and equipment that are more advanced than those used for GWO work at height.

Single Rescuer – Hub Spinner and Inside Blade

This module’s goal is to give participants the skills they need to undertake rescue operations inside a WTG hub, spinner, or blade utilizing rescue tools that are more advanced than those used by GWO Working at Height.

Single Rescuer – Nacelle, Tower, Basement

The aim of this module is to enable the participants to perform single rescuer advanced rescue operations, in a WTG hub, spinner and inside the blade by using industry standard rescue equipment, methods and techniques, exceeding those of GWO’s Working at Heights Standard

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