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Solar Services

Sector-Specific Services

Our leadership and industry experts offer expertise, leadership, and a network of contacts to support the successful operation of your solar farm. We prioritize safety and provide high quality work, establishing ourselves as a leader in the renewable energy industry with a strong network in the North American solar farm market.

Inverter Specialist

  • Spare part inventory

  • Troubleshooting and call-out services

  • Component and firmware upgrades

  • OEM-trained technicians

  • Design modifications and retrofits

  • Vendor and warranty management

Land Management

  • Weed abatement

  • Erosion control, prevention, and repair

  • Dust control

  • Re-vegetation

  • Mowing services

  • Groundskeeping

  • Soil stabilization

Preventative Maintenance

  • Site inspections

  • OEM-prescribed services and campaigns

  • Annual PM programs

  • Electrical Distribution (ED) service and maintenance


  • Responding quickly to natural disasters such as fires, hail, and tornadoes

  • Managing large-scale wire retrofit programs

  • Upgrading and replacing PV panels

  • Recycling PV panels

Corrective Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and corrective repairs

  • Nationwide emergency and critical response

  • Site security and lighting

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Annual and semi-annual PMs

  • Break-in maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • OEM-prescribed work

  • Torque and tensioning

  • Visual inspection

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